Pre-FEED/Conceptual Engineering

Pre-FEED develops the project design basis and places boundaries so that the project is constrained and the overall concept defined. This process can be simplified to the following activities:

• Design basis is developed that outlines the operating characteristics of the project. This aspect can be as highly developed as needed depending on the level of Pre-FEED.

• The feasibility of the design on both a technical and economic basis will be determined during this exercise. Albeit at a "high level", allocation of additional funds are evaluated for proceeding with engineering and design.

• Project boundaries are developed that will provide the basis for the engineering and design. They will include:

  •  Vessel class and flag-state rules and regulations
  •  Project characteristics as relates to operations and limitations
  •  Environmental concerns
  •  National and local laws, governance and content issues

ACMA's customer-centric services assure that every client has the best product in the pre-FEED phase so the success of the detailed design in the FEED will proceed to completion more smoothly.

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