Offshore Production Systems

From the founding of the company more than 40 years ago, ACMA has applied its engineering and design expertise to converting existing tankers to production and storage vessels, as well as new build projects. To date, ACMA has participated in eighteen (18) conversions, four (4) new builds and various involvement in a dozen others.

• Suitability surveys

• FEA analysis

• Fatigue analysis

• Hydrodynamic & hydrostatic analysis

• Site specific strength analysis

• Life extension (structure & system)

• In-service survey issues

• Class & regulatory interface

• Transportation to the site & installation

• Model testing

• Process system interface

• Marine engineering

• Steam systems

• Loading and off-loading systems

• Turret and submerged buoy systems

• Mooring systems

• Haz-id and Haz-ops

• Vessel operations

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