Over the years, ACMA has been engaged by both domestic and international clientele to apply our expertise to technical issues ranging from stability analysis to structural collapse and from consequent structural analysis to contract compliance. We’ve assisted multi-national clients in large lawsuits involving construction projects, we’ve helped vessel owners comply with disability requirements and we’ve added our technical expertise to cases with unfortunate accidents involving the Jones act and offshore law.

In many cases, ACMA has augmented its experience with additional experts, such as meteorologists, metallurgists and forensic accountants. ACMA's involvement is on a "fee for services provided" basis that allows it the independence to provide legal assistance in the form of technical opinions irrespective of the outcome of the case.

Typical assistance provided by ACMA to law firms includes an introduction to the offshore industry and pertinent terms, as well as preparation for the cross examination of witnesses, during both depositions and trial. ACMA's ability to support clients with a large array of commercial and in-house analytical software, as well as its ability to take these findings and present them in "layman's terms", makes ACMA extremely effective.

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