FEED/Contract Design

The FEED design is initiated after sufficient project justifications are accepted and money is provided to begin the contract and basic design engineering. This process can take months and even years depending on the level of FEED to be obtained. The following outlines the "general" activities:

• Basic/Contract design engineering is initiated with a level of detail determined by the general agreed upon accuracy required for a cost estimate.

• The FEED provides the basis for the "Final Investment Decision" that will either move the project forward or place it on the shelf.

• The total investment cost estimate is determined taking into account all the hard and soft costs that can be determined.

• The project execution plan is developed that will provide the path forward once the project is approved.

• Tendering documentation processes, guidelines and evaluations and notifications are implemented.

• The Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor is selected.

• Engineering and design disciplines include the following:

  •  Investigation of available process technologies
  •  Process efficiency studies
  •  Process and service utility configuration and integrations
  •  Cost optimization studies
  •  Permitting and documentation funding
  •  EPC execution plan development:

- Cost estimate (+ 15 %- 30%)

- Schedule finalization

- Tendering documentation

- Detailed design and engineering documentation



The FEED study may be altered so that the process is "light" for a higher level view or "extended" for a more thorough view. Whatever the client requires, ACMA provides customized services for the FEED to assure that each client's interests are addressed, and the path forward is as trouble free as possible.


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