With more than 40 years of engineering and project experience, ACMA offers our clients a flexible environment that encourages the application of innovative, customized solutions to virtually any project. Our engineering team has the in-depth experience necessary to manage the unique requirements found in marine industry fabrication and modification projects. It's this specialized experience that allows ACMA to blend the technical with the practical, from concept to delivery, and assure our clients their final product is both feasible to build and cost efficient to operate.

Examples of our work experience include:

1. Pre-FEED Design Studies - The initial review of a concept to determine project boundaries.

2. FEED Design - The development of the Pre-FEED concept into a contract level design suitable for obtaining bids from various construction vendors.

3. Construction Level Design - The development of the contract level design to the detail required by the construction vendor. ACMA can tailor the final product to the fabricators exact needs, thereby saving our clients time and money.

4. On-site Project Oversight - The management and support of a client's interest to better assure a successful project conclusion.

5. On-going Project Support - Customized access to project files and support information on a 24 x 7 basis as well as continuing follow-up assistance from the ACMA staff.

6. Legal - Expert advice on contracts, project scheduling, change-orders, change-order schedule impacts and grievance/arbitration issues.

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