Construction Support Services

Once an asset enters construction, engineering support becomes even more critical. Challenges arise and require adaptation and substitution. You need to ensure that the evolving design still meets your expectations. ACMA provides three major categories of support during vessel construction - Owner’s Representative, Value Engineering and Commissioning Services.

Owner’s Representative

No vessel construction ever goes perfectly. Problems and mistakes always arise.  Construction requires many pragmatic solutions and judgement calls. In these cases, the construction contractor will always face a conflict of interest, because they want to get the project completed quickly and with minimal cost overruns.

This is why ACMA serves as the owner’s rep. We have the technical expertise to understand the implications of each substitution and design change. Further, we have the practical background to appreciate the importance of maintaining the construction schedule. Acting in this capacity, ACMA provides a qualified opinion dedicated to your interests and safeguarding the quality of your future asset.

Value Engineering

No one likes overpaying for something, but we also don’t want to undercut to the point of defective merchandise. How to achieve a reliable balance? ACMA employs value engineering services. We apply our technical background and pragmatic expertise to balance science with solutions. In value engineering, we ensure that cost matches the value of an item and that every part of your vessel works best for your specific needs. We review vendor substitutions and analyses. We ensure that you have the required quality for all critical systems.

ACMA works diligently to serve your interest and guard against over engineering.  We are driven by results: a working vessel, which generates revenue. ACMA works to maximize the benefit from every expense.

Commissioning Services

ACMA provides commissioning services for major vessel components.

Where do you find the start button to activate the vessel stability? Not all commissioning involves machinery, but it is still just important. ACMA can supervise commissioning services and provide the following services:

• Deadweight surveys

• Stability tests

• Dock trial support

• Sea trial support

• Welding inspection

• Piping system testing and commissioning


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